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Dana Lookadoo

Dana Lookadoo

Dana’s Vitae:
Background, Education, Experience and Passions …

What makes me tick?


Websites, Content, Landing Pages, Marketing Processes, Bike Rides and Life!

For SEO purposes, I’ll finish my Vitae page in 3rd person so it’s “optimized” below:

Search Engine Optimization

Dana Lookadoo’s professional passions focus around various aspects of SEO and Search Marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Copywriting
  • Information Architecture & Planning
  • Website Usability & Conversion
  • Social Media Marketing & Engagement
  • Technical Training & Curriculum Development

Work History – Abbreviated Version

Dana began a career in computing and PC training in 1984, applied that knowledge in a number of corporate and government environments, then went back to school in 1996 to study Internet technologies, computer science and instructional design. She later launched two Web development firms (Triage Online Solutions & uniquefocus, inc.) with a focus on e-commerce marketing and corporate training. She founded an SEO agency, Pixel Position, in 2003.

Dana worked with a couple firms, R3 Media Group and Blast Advanced Media, during this time in VP / Director of Marketing positions and had the opportunity to work with multiple Fortune 500 companies to provide training and develop online and offline marketing campaigns. She has returned to consulting to launch Yo! Yo! SEO to provide in-house SEO consulting and training.

Breaking Down Yo! Yo! SEO

Yo! Yo! SEO - Its Word-of-Mouth SEO!

Yo! Yo! SEO Word-of-Mouth SEO

Yo! Yo! is a play on words for joining online conversations and the importance of Social Media. People are talking. Businesses must join the conversation and shout out a “Yo!”

  • Yo! — Listen to what people are saying and how the competition is engaging.
  • Yo! — Optimize your visibility in search engines, and engage in social media conversations.
  • SEO — Create viral keyword-rich content that’s fun, easy-to-read and attracts visitors and links.

Yo! Yo! is also an acronym for You’re not On Your Own in SEO.

Can you feel the beat? Yo! Yo! SEO

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Trainer . Author

Dana taught Web Design as Adjunct Faculty at Cal State University Monterey Bay (3 semesters).

She has conducted multiple corporate training classes and developed technology curriculum for:

  • Sun Microsystems Open Gateways Program
  • Monterey Institute of International Studies
  • U.C. Santa Cruz Extension
  • General Colin Powell’s Youth Peace Corp.
  • PowerUp – America’s Promise
  • Steve Young’s NFL YET Center
  • Webgrrls
  • Wal-Mart’s MEM Technology Conference Series

Dana authored “Traveling the Internet” for Sun Microsystems in 2005, a 100-page guide for how to travel safely and securely on the Web.

Life-Long Learning & Passions

Formal Education

Dana Lookadoo Vitae (PDF 215K)

Dana Lookadoo

  • B.S. Telecommunications, Multimedia and Applied Computing (magna cum laude), minor in Instructional Technology, California State University, Monterey Bay
  • A.A. Business Administration, Hartnell College
  • Studied Virtual Reality Modeling Language, Naval Postgraduate School

Essential Education

  • Constant reading about SEO & Social Media Marketing, conference attendance, online courses about search, technology & marketing.
  • Learning daily! SEO is the 2nd fastest changing field next to nanotechnology!
  • Networking with some super smart search professionals!

Cycling – Road & Mountain

Dana Lookadoo is an avid cyclist with 5 bikes – 2 road, 2 mountain, 1 fixed gear, 1 tandem…oh, that makes 6 bicycles! (Hubby claims 1/2 of the tandem.) Once a racer, she’s experienced a few podium finishes for road biking and cross country mountain biking. Dana now considers herself a “has been” for serious racing; however, if you want to ride, she’ll do all possible to sprint for a city limit or county sign!


(I have to go back to 1st person to discuss my values.)

I like Google’s Profile page question, “Who is your superpower? Answer – God!

I almost died a couple times and was spared by what some call miracles. Whatever you want to call it, the laws of physics were broken, Someone intervened. God’s part of my vitae that shapes my values. My faith is not part of my “marketing statement” but has a lot to do with how I optimize my time and treat others.

What makes me tick, other than optimizing?

  • My husband, who is an absolute kick and light of my life!
  • My Mom, who is my best friend.
  • My wonderful friends, who are great listeners and encouragers.

Just in case you’re wondering, I do try to optimize my personal life – keep spices alphabetized, labels facing forward in the refrigerator. It doesn’t always work. :-)

* * * * * * *

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