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August 13, 2010 · 4 comments

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Twitter’s new “You both follow” and ” features were a pleasant surprise on Friday the 13th!

I was checking out new followers for my @YoYoSEO account and following back people in the search industry. I then “met” @DeanSutton of Nottus Marketing.

Twitter - You Both Follow

"You both follow" & "Also followed by" features on Twitter

Ah… I was away from Twitter much of the day. Now, this is a new feature I found useful. I quickly went to Twitter search ( and found a new story by Mashable:

Twitter Rolling Out “You Both Follow” Feature

I like “You both follow” because…

I want to ensure, first, that followers are real people.

  1. If I know them, then I’ll shout out a Yo!
  2. If they don’t have a bio link, I usually don’t bother and move on.
  3. If their profile name ends in a number, window closed.
  4. If they tweet their own blog posts or affiliate sales, they may get blocked or reported for spam.
  5. If they interact with people in the search and social media space, immediate attention.
  6. I may take a moment to look at their followers, to see if they have “votes” from people whom I trust.

Twitter’s new “You Both Follow” solves that!

I instantly saw that Dean Sutton was followed by some of the same people followed by Yo! Yo! SEO, and we both followed some people I admire and respect.

Twitter’s new “You both follow” feature is an instant peer review – trust signal!

Dean, nice to meet you!

I may not use the feature to review followers of my @lookadoo account as often, because those email notifications are filtered into a folder and often ignored. This is nothing personal but a time management issue. So if you want me to know about you, please shout out. Let’s engage!

What do you think of Twitter’s new feature?

Do you look at new followers’ followers before you follow?

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