Free Keyword Tool! Thank You, WordStream!

September 17, 2009 · 3 comments

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I am thankful for WordStream for more than your free keyword tool. Here’s a “Thank you” for a number of reasons. I can’t say it enough!

Thank you, Wordstream!

Thank you, Wordstream!

You give so much and deserve even more in return!

NEW! Free Keyword Tool

The launch of your new Free Keyword Research Tool is a gift to the SEO/SEM industry! FREE? It’s not a “token” tool. You gave me the opportunity to beta test it. I compared it against the other tools in my arsenal. I kept wondering how you could give us so much?

  • You have given anyone who plans search engine optimization efforts and pay-per-click campaigns access to hundreds, thousands, over 1 billion unique keywords!
  • You lowered the bar to entry for those who were limited to only 100 keywords with WordTracker’s free keyword research tool.
  • You have given us fast results, almost like lightening, from a database broader than Google’s AdWords keyword suggestion tool, which means the keywords are not Google-biased!
  • You wrapped up all this data in an easy-to-use interface that trumps NicheBot – enough said there.
  • You help marketers clearly see into user behavior through search, through the keywords users use to search, to find their interests, needs, desires.
  • You have given us the ability to make better decisions with more information, so we can meet customer needs and provide them with targeted content while helping us drive sales!
Wordstream Free Keyword Tool

Wordstream Free Keyword Tool

  • You have given us intelligence!

Thank you for this fast, free keyword research brain!

Free SEO & PPC Information

I cannot stay away from your Internet Marketing Blog. I have to exhibit discipline to stop reading it!

You share information and latest industry news beyond SEO & PPC. You take the time to share tips, resources, ways to help others be successful, productive and profitable.

You are genuine on Twitter and have an active account, sharing quality information. And you even take the time to document your #FollowFriday lists! There you go again, thinking and giving outside the box!

You are not the only one sharing information. Look at how people are talking about you …

Topsy Real Time Search for Wordstream

Topsy Real-Time Search for Wordstream shows 253 mentions of you in real-time search for you this past month (and that’s just what got indexed)!

It’s easy to see why Topsy considers @WordStream Twitter profile as “Highly Influential.” People are talking about you. You are talking back, listening, and giving back!

On the subject of giving …

A Special WordStream Gift

Dana is proud of her WordStream Vest!

Dana is proud of her WordStream Vest!

A high-quality, WordStream-embroidered Lands End vest arrived at my door!

And you sent ME a “thank you” card and gift?

I will wear your gift with pride!

I’ve listed only a few reasons for my gratitude. However, I have much more to say and share about you, your tools, your solutions and your team. EACH member of the WordStream team is as dynamic as your keyword tool!

I look forward to using WordStream to help others. So, consider all your giving as paying it forward. I plan to do the same!

I don’t know how to thank you enough …

Can you hear the jingle of this card:


“Thanks a lot! Much gratitude! Danke! Muchas Gracias! Merci Beaucoup!”

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