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Monthly Challenge: Break the Always-On Addiction

August 2, 2013 Monthly Challenge
Technology Breaks

On Dancer, On Prancer, On Cupid and Dixon… Oh, wait, it’s still August. How about… On Thinking, On Focus, On Reading some Fiction… Off Cell Phone. Off Email. Off Always-on Addiction! I’m not alone in this action-packed, always-on addicted world. Michelle Lowery¬†and I chatted about such on Facebook the other night. She’s taking 9 days […]

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Spring Cleaning the Social Media Fire Hose

March 26, 2011 Social Media
Social Media Fire Hose

Read about my spring cleaning to reduce the pressure of my social media fire hose and reasons we should control the influx of information we process.

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Words to Live By for 2011: Pray, Focus, Be

January 2, 2011 Personal
Words to Live by in 2011

“Eat, Pray, Love” paraphernalia abounded in 2010. Probably the only place you’ll see “Pray, Focus, Be” in 2011 is in this blog post. These are my words to live by this coming year. Kristy Bolsinger told me about the book “Eat, Pray, Love” at the SEOmoz party during SMX Advanced in June 2010.¬† The book […]

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