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Schedule White Space – Monthly Challenge for October

October 6, 2013 Monthly Challenge
Planning White Space - Monthly Challenge

The definition of white space (in my mind) is having periods of time in which nothing is scheduled¬†– 1 hour, 1/2 day, time between meetings, deliverables, and phone calls. It may be lunches away from the computer and/or taking weekends off. It’s not scheduling meetings back-to-back, which has been my modis operandi for months… OK, […]

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Monthly Challenge: Break the Always-On Addiction

August 2, 2013 Monthly Challenge
Technology Breaks

On Dancer, On Prancer, On Cupid and Dixon… Oh, wait, it’s still August. How about… On Thinking, On Focus, On Reading some Fiction… Off Cell Phone. Off Email. Off Always-on Addiction! I’m not alone in this action-packed, always-on addicted world. Michelle Lowery¬†and I chatted about such on Facebook the other night. She’s taking 9 days […]

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The Story of a Social Media Addict

September 4, 2009 Social Media
Texting Addiction

The following story of a Social Media Addict is fictional … or is it? I walked into the room and saw many familiar avatars, I mean faces. A few tweeps, I mean people, looked up and smiled. They immediately looked away and down. Tap. Tap. Click. Click. My cell phone vibrated. I kept walking, trying […]

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