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Schedule White Space – Monthly Challenge for October

October 6, 2013 Monthly Challenge
Planning White Space - Monthly Challenge

The definition of white space (in my mind) is having periods of time in which nothing is scheduled – 1 hour, 1/2 day, time between meetings, deliverables, and phone calls. It may be lunches away from the computer and/or taking weekends off. It’s not scheduling meetings back-to-back, which has been my modis operandi for months… OK, […]

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DNF Tour de Blogging – But Here’s What I Did Win

July 25, 2010 Blogging
DNF Tour de Blogging - But I Did Win

I DNF’d my 3-week Tour de Blogging. I may not have won the Yellow jersey in Paris, but I won friendships and relationships that surpass standing on the podium.

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3 Weeks of Le Tour de France + Le Tour de Blogging

July 3, 2010 Blogging
3 Weeks of Cycling & Blogging

It’s on! Le Tour de France started today, July 3, 2010, marking 3 weeks of cycling. Few will argue that this epic bicycle race is one of the most grueling matches of strength, stamina, endurance, strategy and courage. Fabian Cancellara, the World Time Trial Champion, won the Prologue, the first stage time trial. He put […]

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