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Schedule White Space – Monthly Challenge for October

October 6, 2013 Monthly Challenge
Planning White Space - Monthly Challenge

The definition of white space (in my mind) is having periods of time in which nothing is scheduled – 1 hour, 1/2 day, time between meetings, deliverables, and phone calls. It may be lunches away from the computer and/or taking weekends off. It’s not scheduling meetings back-to-back, which has been my modis operandi for months… OK, […]

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Formula for Reaching the Top – Pain is Growth

May 29, 2010 SEO
Just remember ... pain is growth

A cycling friend, Beverley McInnis, is someone I now call a “Sister in Sickness,” one who is not afraid of pain, of working hard to accomplish what it takes to be a competitive athlete. After a session she conjured up and deemed “Twisted Hill Repeats,” Bev said the following as encouragement to work through the […]

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