Practicing the Art of Retreat

July 9, 2010 · 0 comments

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Tortoises retreat into their shell to protect themselves from the elements and what they perceive as predators.

I walked along the Folsom Parkway this evening and saw a tortoise emerging from the grasslands. Since he looked to be wearing a gold necklace, I named him Mr. T.

Mr. T slowly retreated from me as I stood above him.

Tortoise in Retreat

Tortoise in Retreat

I squatted down to take his picture and observed his perfect shell and admired his elastic ability to retreat into its protective environment.

I later thought about the day and decompressed from the week … This is my 7th day of my personal Tour de Blogging. I’ve been working incredibly long hours to meet some deadlines and remain active in the search industry while rebranding and running my business offering in-house SEO consulting and training. I’ve been incredibly productive recently, even if a little off-balance at times.

I realized that lately I had been practicing the art of retreat. I shut down email for periods, turn off Skype, Twitter and FaceBook more often. It has become a necessity to protect myself from the predators of distraction.

It’s too easy to stick one’s head out into the Twitter stream or Facebook share and realize 30 minutes are gone.

I shall continue to follow Mr. T’s lead, as needed, and retreat into my shell of productivity and protection.

How about you? Do you practice the art of retreat?

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