Donations to Dana’s Recovery – $5/month Helps!

October 21, 2014 · 2 comments

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Dana undergoing a nerve conductivity test

Alan Bleiweiss here – writing on behalf of Dana.

An idea to collect small monthly donations to Dana’s extensive recovery costs has taken root. Even $5/month helps! I’ll explain more below.

As many of you know, Dana had a life-changing accident while cycling last November, severely damaging her spinal cord along with additional traumatic injuries throughout her body affecting everything from her hands to her feet. For the first several months, there was slow, steady improvement in her recovery process. Unfortunately everything drastically changed in June.

Dana fell on her back and twisted her ankle. A series of serious additional setbacks (neurological issues and more spinal cord damage) have made her situation much worse on several levels to the point where she has lost mobility and is in serious chronic pain. She is no longer able to work. Dana and her husband, Ed Lix, are facing a severe crisis.

Medical and overhead expenses have increased. Insurance is not covering enough. Caregivers are now needed. You can help financially by giving a small amount ($5, $10, $25) on a monthly basis to help cover costs…and hopefully help them keep their house.

Click one of the Donate buttons below for a monthly recurring donation or the one-time gift of your choosing.

Monthly Donation Options
$5/month $10/month $25/month

Or an amount of your choosing (one-time or recurring)
If using this option, please state this is for Dana’s recovery fund in the form.

NOTE: It will look as if you are donating to a merchant, Yo! Yo! SEO. She had to set up PayPal as a business account to make recurring donations work.

Please understand that Dana’s need is to focus on her recovery more than ever. She has not been able to keep her blog updated. She regrets not being able to send thank you notes. It’s difficult for her to respond to all of the overwhelming support coming to her by email, tweets, text messages, private messages and snail mail.

If you would like to stay up-to-date on Dana’s situation, you can do so on Facebook in the
Updates about Dana group. Please join the group if you want to further encourage and follow what we hope and pray is more progress.

Dana also wants me to express how much she and her husband appreciate Lisa Quashnick for this idea! She is so grateful to Dave Davies for the many hours he put into getting this campaign going and the code for the PayPal forms. She is overwhelmed with gratitude for the huge amount of support so many have been providing!

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