Advent Day 8 – A Gift With No Name

December 8, 2012 · 0 comments

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We’re preparing to attend a friend’s annual Christmas party – a gift exchange.

A gift with no nameIt feels like giving a gift with no name.┬áIn selecting a gift that could land up in anyone’s hands, how do you buy? You are not looking for that “perfect something” for that “perfect someone.” You’re looking for a quality item or selection of items that will delight a broad target audience.

You have probably played the game:

  1. You bring a gift that’s worth around $25.
  2. You wrap it and do not put on a name tag.
  3. You arrive at the party and place your gift along with the others in preparation for the gift exchange game.
  4. You draw numbers, hoping for a high number.
  5. The first person opens a gift.
  6. The second person has the opportunity to steal that person’s gift or open a new one.
  7. A gift can be stolen 3 times (in the version we play).
  8. Etc.
  9. When someone opens the gift you brought to the party, you watch their reaction and emotion.
  10. You hope your gift is wanted and stolen.

Some at this party bring some really, really nice gifts. What has amazed me from playing this game for a few years now is how much effort and thought is put into so many gifts without their knowing the recipient.

We do we care what recipients of our gifts think?

I’ve thought a lot about the process of gift giving. I believe many people give not to receive. They give to see the pleasure on the face of the recipient.

I hope my gift gets stolen and that they like Crate & Barrell… Game on!


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