“SEO Higher Learning” by David Harry Wins Semmy

February 1, 2010 · 4 comments

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Tweeting to say “CONGRATULATIONS” to David Harry, aka theGypsy, is not enough to express my sentiment and excitement that his post, “SEO Higher Learning” on Huomah.com won a Semmy in the Search Tech category. I wanted to take a moment to share the value of his contributions to the SEO industry (and to my understanding of search).

2010 Search Tech Semmy Winner: David Harry

2010 Search Tech Semmy Winner: David Harry

The above screenshot of the Semmy Winner page shares a snippet from the winning post. I highlighted the following which should be the core driver for every SEO:

“We should learn knowledge management and algorithms with the same verve we apply to playing in social media.”

Well said, David! Your work constantly reminds me that social media can be a distracting shiny object. Obviously, we know social signals are now a factor in the new social search; however, search remains primarily about knowledge management.

SEO Geeks Guide to Information Retrieval

The subtitle, “The SEO Geeks Guide to Information Retrieval,” summarizes the depth and breadth of this higher learning guide that educates by providing a slough of resources relating to the science of SEO.

SEOs is more than modifying meta tags and writing good descriptions with keyword-rich headlines and body copy, and gainingĀ  inbound links. As David explains in his SEO Higher Learning post,

“… it seems logical that those working with (marketing to) search engines might want to know a thing or two about how they work.”

Understanding how search engines evaluate, process and rank content is the core of effective SEO. Research and algorithms are required study for anyone making a living by doing search engine optimization.

Heck, how does one effectively optimize if they don’t know the search engines?

SEO Dojo Community

It’s been over a year since theGypsy compiled this higher learning guide for SEO geeks. Since then, David Harry launched the SEO Dojo, a community for search professionals. If you are in this field, I highly recommend you consider one of the SEO Dojo Membership Plans. (This is not an affiliate link, which means I’m not getting any kickback for sharing.)

I was honored to be one of the initial band of SEO Gypsies on the trail, and I’ve been unable to fully participate during the past few months. One of my career lifestyle changes involves soaking up the content and increasing participation in the SEO Dojo. Our Friday chat sessions on Skype have been an insightful lifeline to me for a while now.

THANK YOU, David Harry, for your obsession with Information Retrieval, for sharing your insights, and for providing such a valuable contribution to the SEO industry. You well deserve the 2010 Semmy Award for Search Tech!

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