I Threw Away My Business Cards!

October 11, 2009 · 15 comments

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Staring at the round file, I flashed back at the numerous changes of the past year. There are no doubts and few regrets …

Yes, I threw away my new business cards!

Yo! Yo! SEO?

Yo! Yo! SEO logo

Yo! Yo! SEO logo - New brand to represent Word-of-Mouth SEO

Yo! Yo! SEO was set to launch in September. I have been rebranding from Pixel Position for months … and months. Anyone who has started a business knows the amount of time that goes into developing a new brand – researching, forecasting, planning, strategizing, and creating. All of this while one is also consulting!

I wanted to create a brand that represented the key drivers for what it takes to be successful and to make money online, to help clients understand how Search Engine Optimization ties into Social Media. I moved from “Conversational SEO” to “Word-of-Mouth SEO.” I needed a brand to shout out why it’s important (imperative) to join the conversation! “Yo! Yo! SEO” was born!

  • Yo! — Listen to what people are saying and how the competition is engaging.
  • Yo! — Join the conversation. Optimize your presence in Search and Social Media.
  • SEO — Create engaging content that’s fun, easy-to-read and attracts visitors and links.

The cards were printed in time for a soft launch at Search Engine Strategies San Jose:

Yo! Yo! SEO business cards

So why did I throw away my business cards? I’m getting to that …

Working Solo

I’ve been fortunate (and unfortunate) to have turned away numerous potential contracts the past few years. Call it “limited bandwidth!” Working solo, you have to ensure you provide quality service to a few clients by not taking on too many.

I had a very dynamic team when I ran a Web agency, uniquefocus, inc, in Monterey. There were few projects we turned away. We stayed on top of technology and marketing. Each of us were  passionate about our work. Energy flowed in project meetings. I’ve missed that contagious excitement of team collaboration.

  • The advantages of working solo are many – flexibility, home office, no office politics, no commute. If you are disciplined and do good work, it pays off well.
  • Some disadvantages are that you have to do it all – sales, accounting, administration, project management, planning and … doing the work.

I have been repeatedly thought and said,

“I need a team!”

I wrote a post about SEO & cycling and how one must be able to ride solo. The following comment by Will Hanke hit hard. I realized I can never win a big race without a team.

I’d like to also mention that even though we (both SEOs and cyclists) love to ride alone, we still need a solid team behind us …

All of these team members help us attain the podium/rankings.

Paradigm Shift

On Friday, August 14, I attended MarketingExperiments’ live Landing Page Optimization Certification course in San Jose with my friend, Maria Pergolino. Maria shared her thought process and recent decision to move from consultant to employee at Marketo. She moved across country from Philadelphia to San Francisco for the opportunity to be part of a team. The desire to be part of something bigger than what she could do on her own was an key factor.

I salivated to also be part of a team with drive and vision.

Enter … Kayden Kelly

Kayden Kelly, CEO of Blast Advanced Media

Kayden Kelly, CEO of Blast Advanced Media

Kayden Kelly spoke at SES San Jose and is CEO of Blast Advanced Media. Kayden is also a cyclist who understands the importance of successful team work - on and off the bike. We met via Twitter a few months back and tried to cross paths at SES but didn’t get a chance among the 5,000 attendees.

Little did I know that about the same time Maria and I were talking about the importance of team work, Kayden had left a phone message asking me to consider joining his team!

The paradigm shift began.

I threw away my business cards on October 1 when I joined Blast as VP, Online Marketing Director.

Blast Advanced Media

Blast Advanced Media has been in the Sacramento area for 10 years. Blast started as a Web design studio and specializes in A/B Testing & Multivariate Testing, usability and analytics, and ecommerce design and development.

EDITED 2/2010:
I left Blast Advanced Media in January of 2010 to return to search marketing consulting under Yo! Yo! SEO.

Guess it’s time to get new business cards, again! This time, for good!

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