1, 2, 3 – One Week, Too Blown Away at Three Interviews

May 19, 2013 · 6 comments

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Yes! This is absolutely crazy! I had 3, that’s THREE, interviews published this past week!

Gosh, I feel like some sort of celebrity or something, of which I’m not, obviously. For those of you who are big dogs and are used to having your name in lights (or in multiple title tags), you may be thinking “pffffft, that’s no big deal!” Well, I felt a little flabbergasted and blown away at all the attention. So heck, I might as well share with you. They all reveal different aspects, so if you care to know more, check them out below.

The Beal Deal Series

The Beal Deal with Dana LookadooA big deal for me was being interviewed by Andy Beal as part of The Beal Deal series on Marketing Pilgrim. When Andy asked me, I originally thought he was kidding. No. Andy doesn’t just ask questions. He researches and delves into one’s background and personal life first!

I like the way Matt McGee, another Beal Deal interviewee, explain

Andy Beal is doing a really cool and fun interview series called The Beal Deal that features a new Q&A every Saturday morning with marketing industry personalities on his Marketing Pilgrim website.

This is the only interview I’ve done in which I’ve cried. It gets a little personal.

>> Read The Beal Deal with Dana Lookadoo.

Top SEO Women in 2013 Series

Top SEO Women of the Year Award – 2013This is the 4th year that Level343 has featured a “contest” of SEO ladies “as a way to recognize hard-working women in the SEO industry.” I was nominated as one many for the Top SEO Women of the Year Award for 2013. (Psssss… Feel free to VOTE. With so many qualified gals, I didn’t vote for myself.)

I especially agree with this statement:

Most of the women we’ve met in this industry aren’t seeking the limelight. They’re not looking for applause any more or less than anyone else. They’re busy kicking ass and taking names, doing what they were hired to do.

I’ll add that often we are often too busy for limelight. Running a business means I don’t pitch to speak at as many conferences as I’d like, nor do I write as many blog posts as I’d like. Client work gets the first fruits of time and creativity… But I’m not complaining!

>> Read my interview, Meet Dana Lookadoo, published by the extremely talented Gabriella Sannino as part of this SEO Women series.

CSUMB Alumni Entrepreneurs: Making It On Their Own

Alumni Entrepreneur: Dana LookadooCalifornia State University Monterey Bay showcased alumni who were also entrepreneurs and running their own businesses. We were asked about:

  • The challenges of running our own businesses
  • How our education prepared us
  • The best part of our jobs
  • Advice for others thinking about starting a business

As a re-entry student with a degree in Business Administration and 17 years of corporate experience under my belt, my approach to education was to learn, learn, learn as much as I could. This was the late 90’s, so I devoured whatever I could about technology, computer science, design, networking, instructional technology, and the Internet. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my education and relationships built at CSUMB!

>> Read Alumni entrepreneur: Dana Lookadoo to learn that I’m literally living my dream!

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