Thank You for Supporting Team LIVESTRONG & My 106-Mile Ride to Fight Cancer

July 16, 2011 · 9 comments

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THANK YOU for helping fight cancer by supporting my participation in the Team LIVESTRONG Davis Challenge on July 10, 2011! You rallied together to help me raise $1,745 in donations in my 106-mile ride and quest – cycling to fight cancer. Lance Armstrong kicked off the event and thanked everyone at the opening ceremonies.

Lance Armstrong - Opening Ceremonies for LIVESTRONG Davis Challenge

Lance Armstrong at LIVESTRONG Challenge in Davis, CA

I wish I could thank EVERY single person who shared my request for donations by sharing on Twitter, Facebook and giving it a +1 in Google. A special thank you to those who wore yellow LIVESTRONG wristbands. You all helped with visibility and awareness. Those who gave can proudly consider yourself a LIVESTRONG donor. The post-event report informed us:

We had just over 1,435 riders and 300 volunteers participate in the Challenge this weekend and raised $890,000 toward the fight against cancer!

LIVESTRONG Challenge Start in Davis

LIVESTRONG Challenge Start in Davis

Yes, a massive number of people were involved, riding on the road and working behind the LIVESTRONG scenes.

In Honor of Jen Lopez

I rode in honor of Jen Lopez, aka @jennita, a close friend who is currently going through chemo to get rid of any cells that even think of being cancer after having some of her colon removed. She doesn’t realize how much her fighting spirit has inspired me in many areas of life. She’s one of the dear people whom I remember when wearing my yellow bracelet! Jen, I rode my butt off for you!

106-Mile Ride

Any time you do a long ride at a decent pace, you feel like you’ve left body parts behind. My cycling computer captured the ride data, while my legs captured lactic acid:

106 miles – 5 hours 45 minutes

Actually, some of the ride was very flat, so we had lots of time to smile and enjoy fields of sunflowers, corn and the beautiful country around Davis, California and Lake Berryessa.

Dana Lookadoo riding as part of Team LIVESTRONG Cycle Folsom

Dana riding as part of Team LIVESTRONG Cycle Folsom

Our Team LIVESTRONG leader, Stan Schultz, wrote:

Cycle Folsom’s group of 24 cyclists led a pace line that literally created vacuum in its wake, swooping up what seemed to be as many as 20 to 30 more cyclists into our mass peloton. It was remarkable.

We did a lot of team work and drafting, which helped us keep a decent pace. But what’s more important is Stan’s note that:

Our team collectively raised $18,500 on behalf of the Livestrong Foundation!

Team LIVESTRONG Cycle Folsom

Team LIVESTRONG Cycle Folsom

Again, a HUGE THANK YOU to your support. We felt like celebrities at the event!


Dana Lookadoo & LIVESTRONG Incentive Rewards

Dana Lookadoo & LIVESTRONG Incentive Rewards

The generosity of friends, clients, and the search community made me feel like a rockstar at the LIVESTRONG Challenge. How? They reward those who achieve incentive levels.  I received a Challenge dry-fit cap and a really nice backpack for having achieved incentive levels of $500 and $1,000. (Heck, I didn’t even know incentives were an option.) Quality swag is a bonus, but the most important “reward” (other than burning a ton of calories) was helping out for such a fantastic cause – making a difference!

In Recognition of Supporters

Many friends, numerous search marketers and even clients are the ones deserving rewards. You rallied to fight cancer in a manner that exceeded ALL expectations! It’s time to recognize you for your contribution!


The generosity of EVERY SINGLE PERSON and EVERY amount is incredibly appreciated! Your support brought me to tears multiple times. My wish and prayer is that because of your support fewer people will shed tears from cancer.

Remember, together you helped raise $1,745 to fight cancer!!!

Behind The Scenes

I rode 1,943 miles in training from May 1 to July 10, including the LIVESTRONG ride! I could not have done it without the following people and changes in my life:

  • My husband, Ed Lix, kept my bike tuned, made dinners so I could go back to work after training, massaged sore muscles, and more. Most of all, he sheltered me from the wind, ensuring I was right there riding in his draft!
    • He also challenged me to spend less time on Twitter, so I could have more time to ride…
  • A custom bike fit by Studeo DNA in Carlsbad, CA in December set the pace for this season’s training. (More about them  in another post.) Before their Retül fit, I rode in pain after about 40 miles and couldn’t put in as many hours on the bike.
  • A change in diet and supplements. On March 24, 2011, I became a vegan (well, about 95% animal-free). I also started seeing Dr. Larrow of Revolutions Natural Medical, who tested my blood and ensured I was on supplements my body needed. Energy and stamina abound – without caffeine!
  • Lyena Solomon gave me the book, “Getting Things Done.” I started a 12-Step Program to Buy Back Time. The result is more quality time on and off the bike!

28 Million Cancer Survivors

Today, there are 28 million people living with or have survived cancer. 100% of the money donated goes towards providing services and support to help people cope with their diagnosis, seek help and empower them to take action in their fight.

Thank you for helping touch lives. Many of those survivors are riding bikes in LIVESTRONG Challenge events each year as a testament to how they’ve been touched. Please feel free to share your story.

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