3 Weeks of Le Tour de France + Le Tour de Blogging

July 3, 2010 · 5 comments

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It’s on!

Le Tour de France started today, July 3, 2010, marking 3 weeks of cycling. Few will argue that this epic bicycle race is one of the most grueling matches of strength, stamina, endurance, strategy and courage.

Fabian Cancellara, the World Time Trial Champion, won the Prologue, the first stage time trial. He put on the winner’s Yellow Jersey.

Tour de France 2010 - Fabian Cancellara Wins

Fabian Cancellara wins Tour de France Prologue

Craig Hummel, a VS Cycling TV commentator, noted:

“Today proved that Cancellara is the most powerful man on the pavement.”

3 Weeks of Cycling

What motivates these TdF Racers?

Riders race for 3 weeks across France and in surrounding countries. They spend, on average, 4-6 hours each day on the bike for 21 stages across almost 2,300 miles.

What would motivate an athlete to push himself to such limits?

Just under 200 riders begin the race, an honor in itself. Finishing Le Tour de France is the goal for many. They work most of the year to suffer for the chance of glory or simply the opportunity to support a teammate. Not all will finish the TdF.

What makes cyclists tick?

I don’t have the answer, but a fellow cyclist said to me today,

“Cycling is a lifestyle. It’s in the blood.”

For the next 3 weeks, being a cycling fan is part of my lifestyle. Talking about blood (and EPO), well, that’s another topic.

3 Weeks of Blogging

I decided to enter my own 3-week race – Le Tour de Blogging. I plan to blog at least SOMETHING each day for the next three weeks.

3 weeks of cycling and blogging starting June 3, 2010

3 Weeks of Cycling & Blogging starting June 3, 2010

What’s motivating me?

Blogging regularly has been my Achilles Heal. Perfectionism is a protagonist. Blog posts don’t need to be perfect or epic, however. It’s like training for a bike race.

  • Every workout and every effort counts toward the whole.
  • In this case, every piece of content counts toward the whole for strength and authority of a website.

It takes 7 days to form a new habit and 21 days to break an old habit. The Tour de France is my impetus to:

  • Form the habit of putting thoughts into a blog, to get into the habit of continual content development.
  • Break the habit of starting posts and not finishing them, of sharing more on Twitter, Facebook, Skype, and email rather than developing website content.

It’s time to begin practicing what I preach. I enjoy creating and optimizing content for others, yet I ignore or put off writing my own posts. Also, I promised some guest posts to some industry sites, and it’s time to begin blog training – to begin developing content on a regular basis.

What makes me tick?

I’ve been cycling seriously since 1991, and I’m moved and motivated by the stories and sacrifices behind the Tour de France. For example:

Fabian Cancellara’s nickname is Spartacus. He is known for his incredible speed and strength as well as his passion, discipline and focus.

I’m striving for a fraction of Spartacus’ focus. I’ll never be “the most powerful woman on the pavement” or in the blogosphere, but I’m sure not going to set on the sidelines as a spectator!

Viva le Tour de France!

Viva le Tour de Blogging!

It’s on!

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