Laura Lippay painted a Bloody Panda and a Bloody Penguin on wood for auction on eBay on Tuesday, April 22, 2014, at 9:00am PST. Proceeds will go to my recovery fund. WOW! What does someone say or even think?

  • I cried!
  • I’m astounded at all her effort and her creativity!!
  • I’m deeply touched to receive such altruistic love!!!

The panda and penguin are adorably cute!

Bloody Panda Artwork Bloody Panda Artwork
Bloody Penguin Artwork Bloody Penguin Artwork

For my friends who are not in the search marketing industry, these critters are the names of Google algorithms that created a bloody mess for some website owners. Businesses with sites that had thin or low-quality content lost ranking due to Panda, and those who bought links or participated in spammy incoming link practices were hit by Penguin. For most search professionals, we like what these black-and-white animals have done to clean up the web!

The following is what Laura sent  to me for the eBay auction.

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